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Our Vision

Brandigenous was born out of a vision to shift the way we buy branded product. 
Our vision is based on our tradition of doing things in 4's, such as the 4 main poles of our Big Houses.

- New generations of savvy buyers now appreciate your brand buying less, but with more quality and use.
- Be thoughtful with how you buy product and not make it a last minute after thought.  Let's create a tag or decal to connect further with the recipient, letting them know your brands messaging through branded product.
- Let's take the time to craft designs which compliment your brand.  Let's engage the recipients with great product and creative design so they know you aren't just buying branded product on a whim.  This is what truly resonates with end users.
As an Indigenous business, we have a long term relationship with the land.  Since we create product from resources, we need to ensure that product is going to serve a purpose on Mother Earth.  We may refuse to produce a product we don't believe in.  We will always work to find an alternative, but we won't just do a job to make a sale.    
Jarid Dixon Taylor


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